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Parents & Athletes




First, Thank you for everything you do for your athletes, allowing them to compete is such a wonderful opportunity.  We all understand that this all comes at a cost both financial and time away from home.  But, hopefully, you'll agree, this time together with your athlete is irreplaceable and creates memories for a lifetime.

That said, we need parents to help with our races. 

In order to put on these events, we need parents to volunteer to work races...below we describe the different positions.  Most race jobs require no prior experience, we will help you!

Please take a moment to read the below.

When the signup is released for the next race, please signup for a position...thank you!

For every race, we need a minimum of 40 volunteers to put on a quality race for our racers.    Prior to a race, a Dibs sign up will be opened for volunteers to register.  There are positions that need to be licensed, like the TD or Referee spots, and there are positions that parents new to the sport can get to know the ropes.  Some positions are in heated locations, others are at the Start where generally a volunteer will need skis to access.  Whatever your knowledge about ski racing is, we can find a position for you.   If you are unsure of what a position entails read below or email Yvette at and I will be glad to help you find a position that will use the skills you have.

For more information on rules visit:

A description of each position can be found below.
The following positions require licenses. These are:
Start Referee - Works at the Start and is responsible for the start arena.
Finish Referee - Works at the finish line and is responsible for the finish arena,
Chief of Timing - Works in the Timing Shack and supervises all of the Timing of the race
Chief of Course - Supervises the Course Crew and makes sure the course is in good shape.
Chief of Gates - Supervises the Gate Keepers
Chief of Race*

*  These positions are appointed by Central Region. 

Other positions that you can fill are:

Registration Desk - Helps out inside at the registration desk answering questions and signing up volunteers for the race.  At the end of the race helps restock gatekeeper materials, check-in radios, and put miscellaneous office equipment away.

Bib Person – Hands out bibs in the morning.  Collects bibs at the end of the day and takes them to Race Administration, sorts them, and puts them away.

Assistant Timing - Sits in the "Timing Shack" and monitors the backup computer. You will need to make sure that you change racers for DNSs (Did Not Start) and record the DNFs (Did Not Finish)

Hand timer - (Finish is at the bottom and Start is at the top of the race hill) - Stands and hits the Time of Day button on a stopwatch every time a racer crosses the line (finish) or the start (at the top of the hill) and then reads the number on the stopwatch to the Recorder (see next position)

Hand time Recorder - (Finish is at the bottom and Start is at the top of the race hill) - Stands next to the hand timer and writes down the bib number and Time of Day that the Hand timer reads off from the stopwatch as each racer starts/finishes.

Gatekeepers - Stands on the course where the Chief of Gates tells them and monitors the correct passage (this will be explained by the Chief of Gates at the Gatekeeper meeting before each race) of their assigned gates for each racer. If a racer does not cleanly pass a gate the Gatekeeper writes down their bib number, gate number and draws a diagram of the passage (forms, clipboards and pencils provided).  All items on the gatekeeper form must be completed for each race.  You do not need skis to volunteer for this position.  You can be assigned near the bottom of the hill.

Course Workers - Grab a rake and go to the top of the course!   As needed, you slip the course to remove snow from it, repair gates that either get broken or come out of the snow, etc. Your job starts in the morning before the coaches set the course as the netting needs to be set on the hill until all of the equipment has been brought down from the top of the hill (depending on if you are working in the morning or afternoon). You should be ready to work when the chair lift opens and be one of the first up the chair to set up the netting as needed.

Assistant Starter - Stands at the top of the course with a start list and gets the racers lined up in the correct start order.

None of the above positions are overly difficult. There is always someone around who has done them before to help others know what needs to be done. Come and join the fun and volunteer to help your racer have the best race experience possible.

And if you need to be on the hill to complete your job responsibilities, you will be given a lift ticket or some other type of identification so that you can access the race hill.