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Thank you for helping out!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has helped out this year in whatever capacity.  The only way we can put on quality events is for everyone help out and to all who did again I say thank you.  See you again next year.



The CR3 Championships finished off at the Searchmont Championship finals.  There were some very close finishes and congratulations to the top three finishers.   The results have been posted and there has been a revision posted with a few changes in the results.


You will find the link for Team Michigan below with the criteria information and the registration link.  The U18 Qualifiying event at the Highlands is linked to the SkiReg site to enter the race.


Information for current race.


Coaches Sign up

Coaches are asked to sign up on SkiReg from now on.    If there are Younger racers and Older racer events on a day, please sign up on the Older racer event. Coaches must register prior to the close of the racer registration.

U18 US National Qualifiers/U16 US National Qualifier

Congratulations to the following athletes:

Katie Grzelak qualified for U18 Nationals and US Nationals for the 2023-2024 ski season.

Caleb Lewandowski qualified for U18 US Nationals. 

Quinn Gerber  qualified for U16 US Nationals in Vail, Colorado. 

U18 US National Rocky/Central Team

US Ski & Snowboard and CR 3 Registration

All registration for a US Ski & Snowboard membership is done through the USS&S website this season. We are hoping this makes the process much easier for everyone.

CR3 Race Registration Site

All registration for a US Ski & Snowboard race is done through the SkiReg website this season. Click on the link above to register for one of our races.

2024-2025 CR3 email sign up

CR3 doesn't have access to your email unless you provide us with a current email

Please provide athlete information along with PARENT email.

Region1 website link

Region 1 (Central The area of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin and Iowa west of Route 63) contact: Caryn Race organizing, cancellations and refunds for CR1.

Region 2 Website Link

Region 2(The area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan west of Route 77, Wisconsin (except for LaCrosse County), Iowa east of Route 63, Illinois and Missouri) contact: John Race organizing, cancellations and refunds for CR2.

Central Division

Central Division events-Patrick Mich Race organizing, cancellations and refunds for Cenreal Division events.


WEBSITES: Nubs Nob*** Boyne Mountain*** Hightower Great Lakes*** Don Orrs*** Lake Michigan Cattle Company