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CR3 BOARD MEETING SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2023-Evergreen Resort 9AM

The next CR3 Board Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 21st at 9AM.  We will be meeting in person at the Evergreen Resort in Cadillac, Michigan.


Thank you to everyone who helped out at all our races this year.  The parents, the coaches, the officials, EVERYONE!!! We couldn't have run the quality races we have without your help.  We hope you will be back next year for another great year of ski racing.

Thank you for Volunteering

Thank you to everyone who signed up this year to work at our events. We couldn't have run our races without you.


Congratulations to our CR3 Championship Winners!!!

U12 and Younger

Year 2014 – Josephine Roy – PRT

Year 2013 – Bryson Evans – WIN

Year 2014 – Vincent Warner – PRT

Year 2011 – Sierra Smith – PRT

Women U14 and Older

U21 – Kaylee Richardson – PRT

U18 – Olivia Bageris – GTSC

U16  TIE– Katie Grzelak – WIN and Quinn Gerber – GTSC

U14 – Rhiana Svoie – PRT

Men – U14 and Older

U21 – Jonathan Amann - WIN

U18 – Broden Janczarek – PRT

U16 – Jace Rowell – NNR

U14 – Raffael Anders – PRT

For the final point standings, go to the Coach's Goggle Docs Folder to see where your racer finished up in the standings. The link to the Goggle Docs Folder can be found below.


Race info links for events hosted by other Central Division Races (Region 1 and Region 2) are below.  Please refer to there website and organizing committee for questions.  This would include cancellations and refunds.

Region 1 (Central The area of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin and Iowa west of Route 63)

contact:  Caryn

Region 2(The area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan west of Route 77, Wisconsin (except for LaCrosse County), Iowa east of Route 63, Illinois and Missouri)

contact: John

Central Division events-Patrick Mich

2022-2023 CR3 email sign up

CR3 doesn't have access to your email unless you provide us with a current email

US Ski & Snowboard and CR 3 Registration

All registration for a US Ski & Snowboard membership, CR3 membership and individual races will be done through the USS&S website this season. We are hoping this makes the process much easier for everyone.


The Hoskin's Championship Qualifier went off without a hitch in beautiful sunshine conditions.  If you would like to see where your favorite skiers finished, click on the links below.

The top three CR3 U14 Men racers were Elijah Dettmer (NNR), Jack Plummer (GTSC), and Benjamin Dyste (WIN).

The top three CR3 U14 Women racers were Avery Taggert (GTSC), Rhiana Savoie (PRT), and Ainslie White (PRT).

The top three CR3 U16 Men racers were Isaac Shapiro (GTSC), Jace Rowell (NNR), and Rocco Elkins (GTSC).

The top three CR3 U16 Women racers were Katie Grzelak (WIN), Hannah Darooge (WIN), and Lily Papineau (XLR).

U16 National Qualifiers

You will find a list below of the U16 National Qualifiers.  Congratulations to Katie Grzelak from WIN and Jace Rowell from NNR for a great job!!!

2023 U16 RC National Selection

Congratulations go out to Katie Grzelak (who finished 4th in the down hill race and was tenth overall and qualified for the second year in a row) and Jace Rowell who both finished in the National Selection.

Cr3 1 website logo


Coaches Sign Up Genius Web Page

This signup is used by coaches to register to attend Region 3 events. Coaches must sign up prior to the Team Captains' Meeting and must be a liscensed coach in order to receive a lift ticket. Coaches should include their name and team name. Also, please put if you want to volunteer to be a referee or course setter in the comment section. Team Captain Meeting links can be found under the Google Docs link found above for all the Race information. See Sign up link below.

Central athletes who would like to intent for a Central FIS event must have a coach or representative send Patrick Mich ( a completed FIS entry Green Sheet. You DO NOT fill out the Google Doc on the Central Intents page. This is for Foreign, East, West, and Rocky athletes only.  Any Central athlete who has not submitted a FIS Entry Form will not be included on the intent list.   For more information or for the link to the FIS Entry form, click on the "FIS Intents" link above.


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