After a race weekend, the race results for all the races can be found in three places:

  • US Web Site - Go to the US web site and sign on.  Click on "Member Lookup".  Enter your racer's last name and click on "Search".  You will see everyone in USS who has a license with that last name.  Scroll down to your racer's name.  At the bottom of your racer's box, you will see in blue "More Details".  Click on "More Details".  Additonal information will open  below that shows  "Alpine Points" and "Alpine Results".  Under "Alpine Results" you will  see all the races your athlete has competed in.  Click on the race "Code" that is in blue in the first column (for example U0305) for the race that you want to review the results of.  A new screen will open that will show you the results for the race. 
  • CR3 website - Go to the CR3 home page.  From there click on "Race Results" at the top of the page.  You will go to a new page called "Race Results".  The races results are separated into the Women's and Men's races, and then by U14 and Younger races and U16 and Older races.  Find the race that you are looking for the results of and click on that race. A new screen will open with the results for the race.
  • Live Timing - Go to the Live Timing web site  (https://www.live-timing.com/).  Click on US Races and then the date of the race you are looking for.  Another page will open.  Scroll down until you find the race you are looking for.  Click on the race name and you will go to another page.  You will see the word "Documents" near the top of the page.  Click on this word and another screen will open with the race results.

Baring unforeseen circumstances, the results on all three web pages should be posted sometime Sunday night.