July 29, 2015


The Next Region 3 Race : Parent Volunteers
Updated: April 9, 2015

If you are unsure what position you would like to work, or are a newbie, just email me, Yvette, at and I will be glad to help you out with picking out a position.

A description of each position can be found below.
The following positions require licenses. These are:
Start Ref
Finish Ref
Chief of Course
Chief of Gates
Chief of Race
Technical Delegate

Don't get discouraged if you are not licensed!! There are many other positions that you can fill. They are:

Parent Volunteer- Help out inside at the registration desk answering questions and signing up volunteers for the race.

Leader board - Fill out the leader board sheet prior to the race and then stand at the bottom of the hill and fill in the times as they are announced

Assistant Timing - Sit in the "Timing Shack" and monitor the backup computer. You will need to make sure that you change racers for DNSs (Did Not Starts) and record DNFs (Did Not Finishes)

Announce r- Sit in the "Timing Shack" and announce which racers are on course, in the gate and their times.

Scribe - Sit in the "Timing Shack" and record each racer's bib number on a computer printout when they start and finish.

Hand timer (Finish is at the bottom and Start is at the top) - Stand and hit the Time of Day button every time a racer crosses the line and then read that number off for the Recorder (see next position)

Hand time Recorder (Finish is at the bottom and Start is at the top) - Stand and write down bib number and Time of Day that the Hand timer reads off as each racer starts/finishes

Gatekeepers - Stand on the course where the Chief of Gates tells them and monitors the correct passage (this will be explained by the Chief of Gates and the Gatekeeper meeting before each race) of their assigned gates by each racer. If a racer does not cleanly pass a gate the Gatekeeper writes down their bib number, gate number and draws a diagram of the passage (forms, clip boards and pencils provided)

Course workers - Grab a rake and go to the top of the course. As needed you slip the course, repair gates, etc. Your job starts in the morning when the coaches are setting the course until all of the equipment has been brought down from the top of the hill. You should be ready to work when the first chair lift opens and be one of the first up the chair and set up the netting as needed. Course workers work all day for both sexes.

Assistant Starter - Stand at the top of the course with a start list and get the racers lined up in start order

Asst. Computer/Runner - Help out with the computer work inside with the Data Administration person.

Runner - - Grab paperwork/thumb drives from the timing shack or from race head quarters and deliver to whoever needs the information/drive.

Parent volunteer - Help out at the registration desk prior to the race registering the athletes, handing out bibs, and interacting with the parent volunteers and coaches.

None of the above positions are overly difficult. There is always someone around who has done them before to help others out. Come and join the fun and volunteer to help your racer have the best race experience possible.

And yes-anyone who needs to be on the hill gets a lift ticket .

Make sure to sign up at SignUpGenius and VOLUNTEER!!!
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